Key Replacement Phoenix Arizona

It is wise to get a replacement key for car instead of wasting away your day looking for it. Then, when you do finally find it, you will already have a spare to protect yourself from going through this again. We can do the same thing for a house key replacement, assuming you are not worried about a possible stranger out there with access to your home. If you are concerned about this, we can rekey house locks for you.

Commercial key replacement is common for a growing business that is looking to expand their base of trusted employees. Just remember to get those locks replaced after every few years because all those people add up pretty quick. If you can’t name everyone with access to your building off the top of your head, it is time for a rekey.

Automotive- That AC is waiting for you

We can provide you with an auto key replacement after helping to remove your broken ignition key. Car dealerships do not want you to know that you can have your distance entry remote and key fob replacement can be done by The Locksmith Phoenix. For up to eighty percent cheaper than them, too. That’s why when it is time to make new car key, we are your best source. Did you ever think that getting a car key replacement could be easy? With us, it is. Because we won’t try to add hidden charges or take advantage of your bad luck. Our belief is that the process of automobile key replacement should not put a damper on your day for more than a few minutes.

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Residential- We want to get you back inside

Home key replacement is as easy as calling The Locksmith Phoenix and waiting for a bit. We will arrive, mold and make a new key on the spot, and get you back inside. It is that simple. If you would like, we can even install a keyless entry system. Then all you will need is to remember that multi digit code. When we replace home keys for you, ask us about our master lock key replacement services. These are great for homeowners that want multiple locked doors but would prefer not to carry a full ring like a lost janitor. This convenient installation would allow for one key to open any door.

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Commercial- There is work to be done

Office key replacement is something you or your coworkers could need at any time. Whether it be early in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late evening. The Locksmith Phoenix will get you back inside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many others offer similar services. But you can bet that they can’t compete with how our cheap office key replacement is. We will even break down pricing comprehensively so you know exactly what is being offered. An emergency office key change is something you need now, not later. We will sort that out so you can get back to planning your fun weekend adventures at places like the Musical Instrument Museum or the Desert Botanical Garden.

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